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covThe Lair

A Mallory O’Shaughnessy Mining and Manufacturing Mystery

In Southwestern Colorado, on the boundary of The Hunter Silver Mine, and stretching in a northwesterly direction deep beneath Red Mountain, lies a strange Geological anomaly. Apparently familiar to Native Americans prior to the arrival of Europeans, it is now the stronghold of a powerful criminal organization. For nearly fifty years, it has been the nerve center for a vicious criminal entity. If anyone had ever inadvertently detected it, they hadn’t lived to tell about it—

Until geologist Mallory Anderson stumbles upon it in her attempts to follow a valuable quartz vein promising gold!

What horrors the subterranean lair has witnessed are yet to be unearthed! Escaping harrowing intentions, Mallory once again rises to lead friends engaged in the manufacturing and mining enterprises to new heights of success.

Don’t miss Mallory’s latest adventure!